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Alf's 2017 Testimony
Alf Droy being interviewed and giving his testimony on The God Channel.

i The Challenge Magazine featured a synopsis of my life on pages 1 and 2 of the Millennium edition. The headline read "Fraudster Finds Freedom". Now you can click here to read the story for yourself.
i I have also written my autobiography. The Lord is My Shepherd, which is earthy yet exciting. You will read a poignant story of a lonely cockney boy, disinherited at birth; of near death experiences, and of an evacuee separated from his parents during the Second World War. Forced into accepting life as a one-parent child, I rebelled against conforming to imposed protocol and authority. As a teenager, I sought to establish my worth as a professional sportsman, without the supportive interest of parents. As a disillusioned immature adult I could not accept the cultural values of society's understanding of a place in the "pecking order" based on a ladder of success and fortune. I was a rebel without a cause. As a successful salesman and a lousy paramour, I sank to my lowest ebb, on deserting my wife of 20 years and my three beloved children. Read how the Lord restored me; click here to read "The Lord is My Shepherd".
i Wake Up! The Lord is Returning is a sequel to the autobiography, in that I expand and expound on my discernment on what the Holy Spirit is emphasising on the shortly to occur Second Coming. You will be convinced to cast off your complacency and your unpreparedness as you read of the coming worldwide disorder. Click here to read.
A testimony at church, given in March 2017. Now expaned into a full booklet. Click here to read Alf's testimony in full.